The First And Only Painting Van Gogh Sold

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Vincent Willem Van Gogh (3/30/1853 – 7/29/1890) is one of the most famous artists on the earth. Hence, his brainchildren are generally regarded as the world's most valuable paintings. Especially of interest is that throughout his life as an eccentric painter, he only sold one painting - that was The Red Vineyard at Arles. At present, one of the world's most fascinating pieces is stored and protected in Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.

The Red Vineyard by Vincent van Gogh (1888)
The Red Vineyard by Vincent Van Gogh
In 1890, the painting was displayed in Brussels during the annual exhibition of Les XX, and sold for 400 francs (about $1600 in present value). Historically, within her purchase, Anna Boch also became famous. Interestingly, she was a friend of Van Gogh. There were various reasons why Anna Boch bought this historic painting. Nevertheless, the most possible one was that she wanted to give her friend the support financially and spiritually in public space. 

The Birth of The Red Vineyard at Arles

It is a painting with remarkable landscape expressed by red and yellow under the setting sun. Via distance, such the scene is extremely eye-catching with the bright colors and lively images. It makes things intriguing to the eyes. The vast majority of people feel curious about the reasons why Van Gogh agreed to sell The Red Vineyard only a few months before his death. Honestly, no one can trace the exact reasons for his important decision since he died before his achievement becomes the worldwide artwork.

According to the painter's words, we can profoundly take note of the meanings of the incorporated colors for the perfect completion. The following is the extract from Van Gogh's letter which was sent to his brother, Theo, on 6th November 1888, which allows us to gain more insight about the artwork,
"…we saw a red vineyard, all red like red wine. In the distance, it turned to yellow, and then a green sky with the sun, the earth after the rain violet, sparking yellow here and there where it caught the reflection of the setting sun."

The unique-sold painting was drawn on 4 November 1888 while the painter was not standing in front of the Vineyard. Where did he paint The Red Vineyard? It was at the Yellow House that Vincent Van Gogh began "nurturing" his brainchild out of memory and imagination. After the day he walked through the nearby wine plantation, he intended to paint the red vineyard landscape to fulfill his own interest in the perfect combination of man and nature.

As the one and only painting that Van Gogh sold throughout his lifetime, The Red Vineyard associated with its painter, and its purchaser all entered the history books for the later generations to study. 

Fate of The Red Vineyard Once Being Purchased

History said that Anna Boch only kept the painting in her luxurious house in Brussels until 1906. During that time, she highly appreciated the piece and put it at equal rank to most of her impressionist paintings. All of her guests came to her house and witnessed the value of The Red Vineyard. Later, in 1906, she sold it for 10,000 francs. Some claimed that she sold the painting for donation money while others believed that she was frightened by Van Gogh's mysterious talent.

In fact, it was widely agreed that the painting was so captivating that Anna Boch was unable to express her own creativity or ability to paint anymore. From 1906 to 1917, the artwork was stored in the mansion of a Russian textile business man, Sergei Shchukin. Withstanding the bombing during the War, The Red Vineyard was truly given by the Russian state to the Pushkin Museum from 1978 to the present time.

Vincent van Gogh is a talented artist with valuable paintings. Beside The Red Vineyard, The Starry Night is another preeminent piece to study with swirling clouds, luminescent stars, a luminous Crescent moon, exquisite steeple, etc.

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